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খাসির মাংস (নেট ওজন ± ৫০ গ্রাম ) ১ কেজি

Lamb is from a younger sheep (Less than a year old) and mutton is from an older sheep. In South Asian or Caribbean cuisine, mutton refers to the meat of goats. In India however, we often refer to both sheep and goat meat as mutton.Nov

বড় ডায়মন্ড আলু ±৫০ গ্রাম ১ কেজি


Potato is a very healthy food and popular vegetable all over the world. Potatoes are available year-round as they are harvested somewhere every month of the year. potato's have lots of variety. these Potatoes are comparatively bigger than regular Potatoes. potatoes contain a goodly amount of carbohydrate (starch and sugar) they are also a storehouse for many vitamins and minerals. With the exception of vitamin A, potatoes have at least some of just about every nutrient, including fiber. Potatoes are relatively low in calories.

হাড়যুক্ত গরুর মাংস ± ৫০ গ্রাম ১ কেজি

Beef Bones. Also Known As: Cent Cut Bones; Femur Bones; Knuckle Bones; Marrow Bones. Strong beef flavor. Roast before adding to a broth. Butcher's Note.